Para Hills West 7-a-side Competition




1) Each game will start on or close to scheduled time, any delays may result in a shortened game length.

2)  There is no Off-Side.

3)  There are no throw-ins. If a ball goes over the sideline play is resumed by a kick-in at the point the ball crossed the sideline. When kicked the ball must be stationary and behind the sideline. The minimum distance an opposing player may be from a kick-in is 5 metres.

4)  Penalties to be taken from 2m outside of the ‘D’ in line with the middle of the goal. Goal Keepers cannot be changed immediately after a penalty or free kick has been awarded. (unless injured).

5)  There is unlimited interchange which can only be done when the ball is out of play. Interchanges are to take place at the halfway mark and the player leaving the field must do so before the replacement player enters the field.

6)  Goal kicks are optional. If the ball goes out across the goal line, then play can also be restarted by the goalkeeper throwing the ball back into play.

7) Boots with moulded studs only. Touch football trainers or “grass cats” are acceptable. Officials will check footwear before every game

Shin pads must be worn; this is not negotiable. Players will be asked to leave the field if they are found not to be wearing shin pads


Goal keepers must stay inside the ‘D’ and no outside player may enter the ‘D’.  If the goalkeeper leaves the area or defending player goes into the area, a penalty is to be awarded.  If an attacking player enters the ‘D’ the game will restart with the goalkeeper.

The G/K cannot kick the ball past the halfway line on the full from a Goal Kick, otherwise it will result in an indirect free kick to the opposition nearest where the ball crossed the halfway line.

After gaining control of the ball by using his/her hands the Goalkeeper cannot kick the ball over the halfway line on the full until the ball has been touched by another player. Catching, picking the ball up, or patting it down, is considered to be having control over the ball. (Punching the ball away for a save is not considered having control.


The only time a G/K can kick the ball over the halfway line on the full is from general play where the G/K has NOT used his/her hands to gain control over the ball. Otherwise it will result in an indirect free kick to the opposition on the halfway line nearest where the ball crossed.

The Goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball directly from a kick-in by his own team (same as a back-pass). This will result in an indirect free kick to be taken on the edge on the “D” adjacent to where the offence occurred.

The Goalkeeper must release the ball within 6 seconds of gaining control of the ball in his hands. This will result in an indirect free kick to be taken on the edge on the “D” adjacent to where the offence occurred.


1)  All players must abide by the spirit of Summer Football which is biased towards being non- contact and played primary for enjoyment & practice. Any un-necessary aggression or forceful challenges, any slide tackling or tackling from behind, will result in a free kick and a possible yellow or red card.

2) Any player who accumulates three 3 yellow cards in the tournament will receive a 1 game suspension.

3) Any player receiving a red card cannot be substituted in the game and that player will receive an appropriate suspension as determined by the Disciplinary Committee.

4) To enforce the ethos of this tournament, the Disciplinary Committee has the authority to impose an appropriate suspension on any player (or team) who does not abide by the rules or the spirit by which the rules are intended.

5) We do not tolerate foul or abusive language or swearing by players or spectators. Teams/spectators will be warned if this occurs.  Referees will caution players for swearing or who use abusive language towards other players/officials or spectators.  Referees or ground officials will also caution spectators who use abusive language or swear at officials, players or other spectators.


Kick off times – Juniors 

Under 6/7,           Play at 5:30pm

Under 8/9,           Play at 5:30pm

Under 10/11,       Play at 6pm

Under 12/13,       Play at 6;30pm

Under 14/15,       Play at 7pm

Seniors,               Play at 8:00pm

For Juniors each half will be 10 minutes with a 1-minute break at half time.

For Seniors each half will be 20 minutes with a 1-minute break at half time.

There is no time off for injury or other stoppages except at the discretion of the referee. Games will start and stop by the referee’s whistle. Any lost time will be deducted from the playing time.

Points and finals

Win: 3 points Draw: 1 point   Loss: 0 points.

If a team forfeits a match, the opposing team will be awarded 3 points and a 3-0 win. 

If a team is going to forfeit, they must notify the competition supervisor prior to the game, so non-forfeiting team can be notified.  The forfeiting team will lose an additional 3 points if supervisor is not notified in a reasonable time.

If a complete round is not played due to poor weather, all teams will be credited with 1 point and 0-0 score.


1) If teams are equal on competition points at the end of the last round, the finals placing shall be decided by the following order:

The team with the better goal difference (i.e. more goals for – less goals against) shall succeed. If teams are still equal, the team with the most goals scored. If teams are still equal, the win-loss result in the game/s between the teams. If still equal, a toss of the coin will decide the higher placed team.

2) The Major Final to determine the competition winner will be between the teams finishing 1st and 2nd at the end of the last round. All other teams will also play on finals night based on their standings after the last round. 3v4, 5v6, 7v8 etc.

3) If the Major Final ends in a draw, after normal time, the result will be determined by penalty shootout. There will be no extra time played in the finals.

4) To be eligible to play in a Major Final a player must have played at least 3 previous games for that team or seek approval from the Tournament Manager.


Team Withdrawal  

If a team withdraws from a competition, all previous games played against this team will be nullified (win, lose or draw).

Unregistered Players/ players used from other teams

Teams can nominate up to 10 players for their team.  Teams cannot play an unregistered player at any time.

Teams cannot play a disqualified or suspended or expelled player at any time.

Teams can borrow players from other teams if they have less than 7 players for a game and the borrowed player can only play if the opposition team agrees.

Using players from other teams without permission from another team will result in a forfeit of the game. Teams found to be playing unregistered players will forfeit the game.


Finals – 10/12/20

Pitch 1 – 5:30pm
Salisbury Villa 7s v Westies United
Pitch 2- 5:30pm
Mini Strikers v Salisbury Villa White
Pitch 3 – 5:30pm
Salisbury Villa v Megger Stars
Pitch 4 – 5:30pm
Westies v Easties
Pitch 1 – 6:00pm
Red Stars v Just Chillin
Pitch 2 – 6:00pm
Messi v Mini Scooters
Pitch 3 – 6:00pm
Inter Boys v Sharks
Bye – Easties
Pitch 1 – 6:30pm
Easties v 3peat FC
Pitch 2 – 6:30pm
Predator FC v The Reds
Bye – Salisbury Lions
Pitch 1 – 7:00pm
Northern Stars v Kebab FC
Pitch 2 – 7:00pm
Deckheads v Simp FC
Pitch 3 – 7:00pm
OTF v Fortune
Pitch 4 – 7:00pm
One Tree Hill v Easties
Pitch 1 – 8:10pm
Chris’ 7 v Carona Vibers
Pitch 2 – 7:50pm
Jurgen Flopps v Real Socialdads
Pitch 3 – 7:50pm
The Meme Team v EWS
Pitch 4 – 7:50pm
Balls Deep v Desperados